"Small Geographical Universe" Open to the World

Veneto region

Veneto Region

The Region of Veneto, situated in the northeastern part of Italy, is a region of extraordinary variety.

"Small Geographical Universe" Open to the World

The Region of Veneto, situated in the northeastern part of Italy, is a region of extraordinary variety. From the mountain peaks in the Belluno area to the Po Delta and its suggestive landscape, revealing the beauty of its art cities, Veneto is a region of great contrasts. 

“Half of the region is adorned with the magnificence of nature, and the other half with art/paintings", recorded Guido Piovene in his 1957 book "Viaggio in Italia" about this region, and added: “... in the heart of its people there is a fantastic belief that their region is a distillation of the entire world, which is truly a praiseworthy feeling, their dream; similar feelings have not been recorded in other regions... The "Veneto feeling" is a powerful reality of imagination”.
Veneto is Italy's leading region in terms of tourism with over 61 million visitors, 60% of whom are foreign tourists. The sights that the region of Veneto has to offer, between the Alps and the Po River, Lake Garda and the Adriatic, are absolutely impressive. The striking beauty of Venice, the most charming city in the world, cities of art and history, such as Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, smaller art cities, over one hundred Veneto villas and historic parks, museums housing magnificent works of art, sites on UNESCO's World Heritage List, coastal area with a hundred-kilometer-long beach, mountains with Dolomite peaks, Lake Garda with the nearby Monte Baldo called the "Garden of Europe", the most important thermal complex in Italy, parks with a variety of ecosystems, graceful Po Delta, religious and secular architecture, intangible heritage... One shouldn't forget the eno-gastronomy offer, rich and varied just like the country of origin. These are all reasons to visit, and reasons why visitors love this territory - "small geographic universe" open to the world.
(Source “Veneto tra la terra e il cielo” Guide d’Italia Touring Club Italiano)


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