Museums with a quality label

Emilia Romagna

Institute for Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage (IBC)

In order to ensure greater quality and efficiency of cultural institution services, a number of objectives have been determined for libraries, historical archives and museums.

Museums with a quality label

The established aims refer to the improvement of cultural institutions, consolidation of services, professional qualification of staff, valorization of local cultural heritage, as well as raising awareness of heritage and possibilities that citizens have at their disposal. IBC also provides financial assistance for cultural institutions, in the process of adjusting to such qualitative objectives, by initiating activities and strategies to overcome such weak points and in synergy with other institutions.


In 2009 IBC initiated the process of recognition of regional museums based on standards and objectives in quality improvement, and continued such a trend in  2010 and 2011 so as to encourage museum institutions to follow criteria of successful museum management and operative efficiency,  and to focus on providing quality services to the public. Since 2010 until today, as many as 137 museums have gained the status of museums recognized for their quality, showing very good characteristics: from the employment of technical and qualified staff to the use of proper methodology of heritage preservation, clear vision of one's own vocation, as well as creating a suitable financial framework, and are able to provide high quality services and satisfy the demanding public.


Museums that bear the quality label are identified with a special logo and are jointly presented.