On the route of Trabaccoli: 29th Regatta international offshore Pesaro-Rovinj,Rovigno-Pesaro and Traditional boats of the Adriatic Sea

Pilot action Pesaro-Urbino - Istria Region

Pilot action Pesaro-Urbino - Istria Region

The 29th edition of the "Sailing Regatta international offshore Pesaro-Rovinj, Rovigno-Pesaro on the route of trabaccoli" between April and May 2013 is a long-standing tradition between the two regions of the Adriatic. The objective is to link the sporting event and cultural events, through the identification of common values to which both are based. Find on the other side of the Adriatic coast, Rovinj, a reality common to maritime history and experiences.
The intent is to use the framework of the race to exploit the tangible and intangible heritage of the culture of the sea through the recovery of the local traditions of the two coasts, considered as the driving force of the sea-related tourism.

The race is connected to some events in particular:
1 The exhibition "Tartane, Tartanoni, Bragozzi, Trabaccoli, Barchetti" about the origins and evolution of ship types (XVII-XIX) .
2 presentation of itineraries Ecomuseum sea,
3 Seminar on "Navigation and types of naval tradition. Harbours and boats the two shores of the Adriatic "
4. in the days of the race preparation of special paths guided visits to museums affected by ecomuseum tours, addressed the participants of the regatta, tourists and residents, schools.

The connection to the Ecomuseum "House of Batana” Rovinj, which during the regatta organizing an initiative regarding the boat traditional Rovinj "The Batana" and other ships of the Dalmatian and Croatian coast.

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