Seminar at the Museum of Zenica

Seminar at the Museum of Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina, within the project AdriaMuse

Seminar at the Museum of Zenica

On 24.01.2014 in the premises of the PI Museum of Zenica was successfully held seminar "Museums beyond its walls."

The seminar was attended by representatives of museums, representatives from the sectors of culture and tourism, as well as all other institutions and organizations, whose work can be attributed to the sector of cultural tourism as an economic branch at all.

During a seminar impacts and  results achieved during project implementation AdriaMuse were presented. Also to participants were introduced innovative strategies for promoting subjects in the field of culture and tourism along with adoption of international standards in order to develop new concepts of cultural tourism and raising the quality of services in this sector. The seminar also included presentations of Pilot projects "Vranduk through the eyes of a child" and "Preserving the cultural heritage of the municipality Tešanj" which are realized through the project AdriaMuse - Work Package 6, Activity 6.2. The project website  was preented, as well as network (computer database of the best museums in Europe).

Interactive presentations and video presentation of achievements and implemented activities of the AdriaMuse project, actively involved participants in the productive discussion, while participation in the AdriaMuse project made them a part best of the network of European museums.

One of the main objectives of the project AdriaMuse, the transformation of the museum in to the centers full of life, is symbolically represented by selecting the venue for the seminar "Museums beyond its walls" in the PI City Museum of Zenica premises. By the participants, the seminar was evaluated as an inspiring, educational and very successful.


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