Heritage and innovation - Workshop, Argenta, 8-9 September 2012

On 8 and 9 September 2012 at the “Mercato” Cultural Centre in Argenta (Ferrara) a training workshop was held for ecomuseum operators, which was entitled “HERITAGE and INNOVATION.”

Heritage and innovation - Workshop, Argenta, 8-9 September 2012

This initiative, which was promoted by the IBC and the Municipality of Argenta, in collaboration with the Regional Network of Ecomuseums and Local Worlds, and sponsored by Ferrara Provincial Administration, was developed internationally within the European AdriaMuse project.
The workshop was introduced by Marcella Zappaterra, President of Ferrara Provincial Administration and Antonio Conficconi, Councillor for Tourism of the Municipality of Argenta.
During the first day of training, innovation processes were analysed, which involve the application of new technologies that are also linked to the social and involving nature of the ecomuseum, as well as to change and territorial cooperation.
The theme was introduced by Hugues de Varine, the founding father of the European Network of Ecomuseums. Later, Laura Carlini, head of the Museums and Cultural Heritage Unit of the IBC, presented the European AdriaMuse project, which is aimed at promoting museums and cultural heritage on both sides of the Adriatic Sea through tourism and using innovative tools.
The importance of a cross-border partnership was highlighted by the presence of Marino Budicin, vice-mayor of Rovinj, who presented the case of the Batana House ecomuseum in Rovinj (Croatia).
All this was followed by discussions and examples from operators and experts, who presented a varied sample of experiences. Speakers included Fabio Donato, Nerina Baldi, Angela Nazzaruolo, Mauro Conficoni, Cristiana Verde, Etelca Ridolfo and Marco Sandri.
The discussion was concluded by Angelo Varni, president of the IBC.

The second day, which featured the theme of Heritage as a means of participation, was organised as a travelling session that led a delegation of managers to visit the ecomuseums near the MUSA, the Museo del Sale di Cervia (Salt Museum of Cervia) in the Province of Ravenna.
The session was opened by Michele de Pascale, Councillor for Tourism of the Municipality of Cervia, and coordinated by Laura Carlini. Speeches focused on the active participation of the community in local governance through community maps and the analysis of several case studies. Speakers included Fiorenza Bortolotti, Andrea Rossi, Anna Maria Visser, Francesca Ponti, Annalisa Canali, Giulia Castellari and Francesca Gambetti.
The educational value of the workshop was highlighted by afternoon group work that entailed the preparation of documents in order to stimulate discussion on the ecomuseums examined.
The closing speech was given by Hugues de Varine and the Regional Councillor for Culture Massimo Mezzetti.