AdriaMuse regatta

On the 5th July, 2012 started the first AdriaMuse regatta within the homonymous European project, departing from Cattolica, Italy, to Pula, in Istria: an ideal meeting of two coasts of the Adriatic sea, always sharing their history.

AdriaMuse regatta

On 5 July 2012, the first AdriaMuse regatta sailed from Cattolica to Pula, in Istria: an ideal encounter between the two shores of the Adriatic Sea, which took place during the “Notte Rosa” (Pink Night). The regatta participants stopped in Pula and then set off for Cattolica, where the winners and all the other participants attended the official ceremony on Sunday 8 July.

In addition to the regatta, other cultural events were held, which involved the museums along the coasts of Rimini and Pula, in line with AdriaMuse: the project, which features the IBC (Institute of Cultural Heritage) among its partners, was funded by the IPA programme and coordinated by Rimini Provincial Administration. It promotes cultural tourism between the two coasts of the Adriatic Sea with innovative events on themes related to the sea, archaeology and local traditions. The event was promoted by Rimini Provincial Administration, the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Region of Istria. The regatta was organised by the yacht club of Marina di Cattolica and the yacht club of Cattolica, in collaboration with the yacht club of Pula.

Cultural events were organised in collaboration with the IBC, the Museo della Regina of Cattolica, the association "Mariegola delle vele al terzo e delle barche da lavoro delle Romagne" and the Region of Istria.

The Administrative Department for culture of the Istrian Region, organized a visit to the Roman Amphitheatre, Historical and maritime museum of Istria and to the museum-gallery space Sveta srca, for all project partners and participants of the first sailing regatta Cattolica – Pula – Cattolica 1° Trofeo AdriaMuse (La Vela sposa l'arte).


The programme

4 July 2012 at 8.00pm in Cattolica – Welcome reception and briefing

5 July 2012 at 8.00am in Cattolica – The regatta starts

5 July 2012 at 12.00am in Pula – Time limit and last regatta arrivals

6 July 2012 at 6.00pm in Pula – Visit to Pula Arena, dinner party at the Archaeological Museum and award ceremony of the first stage of the regatta

7 July 2012 at 8.00am in Pula –The regatta starts

7 July 2012 at 12.00am in Cattolica – Time limit and last regatta arrivals

8 July 2012 at 11.00am in Cattolica – Parade of historical boats, themed visit to the Museo della Regina, and lunch party with award ceremony for both stages of the regatta

8 July 2012 at 3.30pm in Cattolica – Regatta of the traditional boats of the “Mariegola delle vele al terzo”


Gathering of traditional luggers

On Sunday 8 July, in the strip of sea opposite Cattolica, at the end of the 1st AdriaMuse trophy Cattolica/Pula/Cattolica regatta, traditional luggers gathered in the harbour to welcome participants, thanks to the association "Mariegola delle vele al terzo e delle barche da lavoro delle Romagne". The event showcased launches, dinghies, “battane” and “trabaccolo” boats (traditional flat-bottomed boats) and punts from Cervia, Cesenatico, Bellaria, Rimini and Riccione: at 11am a parade was held with the boats that had already arrived at the channel harbour of Cattolica, whereas at 3.30pm a real regatta took place, which involved all the traditional boats that took part in the event in the strip of sea between the old citadel of Gabicce and the area opposite the park “Le Navi” in Cattolica.




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