Vranduk as seen by the eyes of a child

“Vranduk as seen by the eyes of a child“: the art colony/painting workshop for the children

Vranduk as seen by the eyes of a child

This pilot event has given a significant contribution to the protection and valorization of cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina through educational and creative work with pupils in the area of Zenica-Doboj Canton.

Efforts were primarily focused on the local community, schools and individuals who participated in the art colony/painting workshop and prominent individuals from cultural and public life.

Implementation of the pilot project “Vranduk as seen by the eyes of a child” began with introducing the project activities among relevant institutions and organizations, and among the inhabitants of the local community Vranduk, citizens of Zenica and Zenica-Doboj Canton, by personal contacts with the project team.

The pilot action was implemented through the six (6) groups of activities as follow:

1.Introducing children to reach medieval heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Royal City Vranduk;

2.Introducing children to the basics of painting and sculpture techniques through the art colony/painting workshop;

3.Introducing children to the medieval social games, socialization and self-actualization through the educational work;

4.Introducing children to gastronomy, music and garment in medieval Bosnia;

5. Organization of the exhibition of works created during the colony and awarding certificates of participation in the Art Colony;

6. Promotion of the pilot project “Vranduk as seen by the eyes of a child”. Contributions of the project were broadcast in television and radio broadcasts, newspaper articles and web postings.


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