Ancient Adriatic in tourists’ present in Rimini

Province of Rimini implemented the pilot action “Ancient Adriatic in tourists’ present”

Ancient Adriatic in tourists’ present in Rimini

The pilot action "Ancient Adriatic in tourists present" was developed byt the Rimini province, with the following initiatives:


  • Exhibition on “The Ancient Navigation in the Adriatic Sea”)
  • Model of Roman ship;
  • “Handbook of the Young Roman Sailor”;
  • Puzzle of the Roman Mosaic of the Ships, visible at the Rimini Town Museum

Realisation of Events:

  • Exhibition “Ancient Navigation in the Adriatic Sea”
  • Historical Evoking, using the model of the Roman ship
  • Exhibition of the Roman Ship model
  • Use of the Roman Ship model in training workshops outside the museum


Realisation of:

  • APP for smartphone/tablet of the Roman Rimini (Italian and English version)
  • Experience Format of the museum heritage (e.g. night visit of Domus of the Surgeon, enriched by sounds and lights, or guided visit performer by the Surgeon himself…)
  • Format based on “What if we were at in the Roman times?”  - a Fiction story settled at the times of the Roman age, and linked to the content of the conference event (the lawyer in the Roman forum, the dentist who followed the Roman legions etc.)
  • Gadget linked to the Roman age, as:
    • Postcards from Ariminum,
    • Pinax,  paper reproduction (or in glass for special gifts)
    • Mosaic of the ships  (even as  puzzle)
    • Placed upon Maps of the Roman and the current Rimini
    • Map of Rimini with the evidence of the places that were reminded in the halls of the Palacongressi 


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