Introduction to platform

Here, we describe how to use Adriamuse Museum Portal to view recent events and to know where museums are.

Introduction to platform

[The platformtakes you to the museums and events along the Adriatic Coast from Albania to Southern Italy.

The data is published on an interactive web browser interface which has a map and a timeline.

The red icons are releated to the museums.

The number associated to the icon represents the number of the event organized by that museum.

In the right side you have a timeline that shows you the event duration.


splash screen


On the map, you can click above a red pointer to display information about the museum and the related events.


pointer screen


By selecting an event/museum from the map and the timeline, new section opens up.

It provides detailed information on the event and on the organizing body.


event page


The page containing detailed information also has social buttons as the Facebook like button, the Twitter button and the Google +1 button.

In addition reviews express users opinion and can serve to assess the products and services.

Museums, events and information are retrieved from [], the exhibition Portal for Europe.


PDF platform